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dōTERRA Emotional Aromatherapy® Touch Kit

dōTERRA Emotional Aromatherapy® Touch Kit

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Elevate your emotional well-being with the convenience of doTERRA Emotional Aromatherapy® Touch Kit. This unique collection of roll-on blends combines the power of pure essential oils with the ease of application, providing targeted emotional support at your fingertips.

Key Blends in Convenient Touch Form:

  1. Motivate Encouraging Touch:

    • Ignite motivation and confidence with this uplifting blend. Motivate Encouraging Touch combines mint and citrus oils to promote a positive and can-do attitude.
  2. Cheer Uplifting Touch:

    • Experience a burst of joy with Cheer Uplifting Touch. This blend, infused with citrus and spice, encourages feelings of optimism, positivity, and a bright outlook.
  3. Passion Inspiring Touch:

    • Ignite your passion with Passion Inspiring Touch. This captivating blend, in a convenient roll-on form, promotes creativity, joy, and excitement.
  4. Forgive Renewing Touch:

    • Find renewal and forgiveness with Forgive Renewing Touch. This grounding blend, in a ready-to-use roll-on, supports feelings of patience, contentment, and letting go.
  5. Console Comforting Touch:

    • Experience comforting support with Console Comforting Touch. This blend, featuring floral and tree oils, is perfect for moments of loss or grief, providing a sense of solace.
  6. Peace Reassuring Touch:

    • Cultivate tranquillity with Peace Reassuring Touch. This reassuring blend, now in a convenient roll-on, calms the mind, promotes relaxation, and creates a serene environment.

Key Features:

  • Convenient Application: The roll-on design allows for easy and mess-free application. Simply apply to pulse points or the back of the neck to experience the benefits on the go.

  • Pure and Potent: Each blend is crafted with CPTG Certified Pure Tested Grade™ essential oils, ensuring the highest quality and efficacy.

  • Portable Wellness: Packaged in a sleek and compact case, the Emotional Aromatherapy® Touch Kit is perfect for your purse, pocket, or travel bag, providing emotional support wherever you go.

How to Use: Apply the desired Emotional Aromatherapy® Touch blend to your pulse points or the back of your neck. Inhale deeply and allow the aromas to uplift and support your emotions throughout the day.

Set Includes:

  • Motivate® Encouraging Touch (10ml)
  • Cheer® Uplifting Touch (10ml)
  • Passion® Inspiring Touch (10ml)
  • Forgive® Renewing Touch (10ml)
  • Console® Comforting Touch (10ml)
  • Peace® Reassuring Touch (10ml)

Transform your emotional landscape with the doTERRA Emotional Aromatherapy® Touch Kit and experience the power of essential oils for targeted emotional support.

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