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Essential Flow

InTune® Roll On

InTune® Roll On

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Stay sharp and centered throughout the day with the doTERRA InTune Roll-On. This convenient blend of CPTG® essential oils is specially formulated to enhance your sense of focus and mental clarity, making it the perfect companion for busy days and important tasks.


  1. Enhances Focus: doTERRA InTune combines carefully selected essential oils known for their ability to improve concentration, making it an excellent choice for work, study, or creative pursuits.

  2. Calms the Mind: The soothing aroma of InTune promotes a calm and relaxed state of mind, helping to reduce stress and enhance cognitive function.

  3. Supports Emotional Well-being: InTune's harmonizing blend can help balance emotions, providing a sense of stability and mental composure.

  4. Boosts Productivity: Apply InTune before a big presentation, meeting, or study session to help you stay on track and perform at your best.

  5. Easy Application: The roll-on format allows for quick and mess-free application, making it ideal for on-the-go use.


  1. Apply to Temples and Wrist: Roll onto temples and wrists and gently massage in to promote focus and mental clarity throughout the day.

  2. Inhalation: Inhale deeply from your wrists to enjoy the calming and centering effects of InTune.

  3. Study Aid: Apply before studying or working on important tasks to enhance concentration and retain information effectively.

  4. Workplace Essential: Keep InTune at your desk for moments when you need a mental boost or are facing a demanding day.

  5. Before Meetings or Presentations: Use InTune to calm nerves and enhance mental focus before important meetings or presentations.

Elevate your mental clarity and stay in tune with the doTERRA InTune Roll-On. Keep your mind sharp and focused, wherever your day takes you.

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