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Peppermint Beadlet

Peppermint Beadlet

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Experience the crisp and revitalizing essence of pure doTERRA Peppermint Beadlets, an essential companion for moments when you need a burst of invigorating freshness. These tiny, power-packed beadlets offer all the benefits of Peppermint essential oil in a convenient, easy-to-carry form.


  1. Instant Freshness: Each Peppermint Beadlet provides a refreshing burst of minty flavor, instantly revitalizing your breath and leaving you feeling invigorated.

  2. Supports Digestive Health: Peppermint is renowned for its digestive benefits. These beadlets are perfect for taking on-the-go to support healthy digestion after meals.

  3. Eases Respiratory Discomfort: The natural menthol in Peppermint helps open airways, providing relief from occasional respiratory discomfort.

  4. Promotes Alertness: Inhaling the scent of Peppermint can help increase alertness and improve focus, making these beadlets a great companion during work or study sessions.

  5. Convenient and Portable: Packaged in a small, easy-to-carry container, these beadlets are perfect for slipping into your pocket or purse for fresh breath anytime, anywhere.


  1. Oral Care: Dissolve a beadlet in your mouth for an instant burst of fresh breath and to promote oral hygiene.

  2. Digestive Support: Take a beadlet after meals to support healthy digestion and ease occasional discomfort.

  3. Respiratory Relief: Inhale the aroma of a beadlet to help alleviate occasional respiratory discomfort and promote clear breathing.

  4. Enhanced Alertness: Pop a beadlet in your mouth for a quick pick-me-up and to increase alertness and focus.

Experience the convenience and freshness of doTERRA Peppermint Beadlets, your go-to solution for on-the-go refreshment and well-being.

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