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Essential Flow



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Discover pure doTERRA TerraArmour, a powerful essential oil blend designed to provide a natural shield against environmental threats. Crafted with a harmonious combination of pure, nature-derived oils, this blend is a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts and those seeking a natural defense for their well-being. Elevate your sense of protection and reconnect with the great outdoors.


  1. Natural Defense: TerraArmour is expertly formulated to repel environmental annoyances, making it an ideal companion for outdoor adventures.

  2. Soothing and Cooling: This blend contains oils known for their soothing and cooling properties, providing relief after a day of outdoor activities.

  3. Uplifting Aroma: TerraArmour's invigorating scent can uplift your mood and create a refreshing atmosphere, perfect for enhancing focus and mental clarity.

  4. Non-Toxic Alternative: Avoid synthetic chemicals and opt for a natural, plant-based solution to protect yourself and your loved ones.


  1. Outdoor Protection: Apply TerraArmour to exposed skin before outdoor activities to create a natural barrier against environmental threats.

  2. Diffusion: Diffuse in your living space to enjoy the refreshing aroma and benefit from its protective properties.

  3. After Outdoor Relief: Dilute with a carrier oil and apply to skin for soothing relief after exposure to the elements.

  4. DIY Outdoor Spray: Create a natural outdoor spray by combining TerraArmour with water and a carrier oil.

  5. Campsite Comfort: Apply to wrists, ankles, and neck for added comfort during camping trips.

Discover the protective embrace of doTERRA TerraArmour essential oil blend and experience the power of nature's shield. Elevate your sense of well-being and confidently step into the great outdoors.

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