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Essential Flow

TerraArmour® Spray

TerraArmour® Spray

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Experience nature's protective shield with pure doTERRA TerraArmour® Spray. This powerful blend of essential oils is meticulously crafted to keep you worry-free during your outdoor escapades. Whether you're hiking, camping, or simply enjoying time in nature, TerraArmour® Spray is your go-to companion for a worry-free outdoor experience.


  1. Natural Defense: Formulated with a blend of potent essential oils, TerraArmour® Spray provides a natural barrier against outdoor annoyances, allowing you to explore nature without worry.

  2. Non-Toxic Alternative: Say goodbye to synthetic chemical sprays and choose a plant-based solution that's safe for you and the environment.

  3. Soothing Relief: The cooling properties in this spray offer relief and comfort after exposure to the elements, making it perfect for post-adventure care.

  4. Uplifting Scent: Enjoy the fresh, invigorating aroma that not only uplifts your mood but also enhances your outdoor experience.


  1. Outdoor Protection: Spray directly onto exposed skin before heading outdoors to create a natural shield against environmental threats.

  2. Clothing and Gear: Apply to clothing, camping equipment, and outdoor gear for additional protection.

  3. After Outdoor Care: Spray onto skin after outdoor activities to soothe and provide relief from the elements.

  4. DIY Outdoor Spray: Mix with water and a carrier oil to create a custom outdoor spray for your specific needs.

Elevate your outdoor adventures with the power of doTERRA TerraArmour® Spray. Embrace the beauty of nature without worry.

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