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Peppermint Touch®

Peppermint Touch®

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Experience the revitalizing power of peppermint with pure doTERRA Peppermint Touch®. This convenient roll-on combines the invigorating properties of Peppermint essential oil with a gentle carrier oil, offering instant cooling relief in a portable form. Whether you need a quick pick-me-up or relief from discomfort, this roll-on is your go-to solution.


  1. Instant Cooling Sensation: doTERRA Peppermint Touch® provides a refreshing, cooling effect when applied to the skin, making it perfect for hot days or post-exercise relief.

  2. Convenient Roll-On Application: Encased in a user-friendly roll-on bottle, Peppermint is easy to apply directly onto pulse points, allowing for quick absorption and targeted relief.

  3. Eases Discomfort: The natural menthol content in Peppermint helps alleviate occasional discomfort, providing relief from minor aches and muscle tension.

  4. Promotes Alertness: Inhaling the invigorating aroma of Peppermint can help promote a sense of alertness and mental clarity, making it an ideal companion for focus and productivity.


  1. Cooling Relief: Apply doTERRA Peppermint Touch® to the back of the neck, temples, or wrists for an instant cooling sensation on a hot day.

  2. Muscle Tension: Massage onto sore muscles and joints for a soothing effect and relief from minor aches and discomfort.

  3. Enhance Focus: Inhale deeply from the roll-on for a quick mental pick-me-up, promoting alertness and concentration.

  4. Travel Companion: Pack Peppermint in your bag for on-the-go relief from occasional discomfort during travel or outdoor activities.

Experience the revitalizing benefits of Peppermint in a convenient roll-on form with doTERRA Peppermint Touch®. Embrace instant cooling relief and enjoy a renewed sense of vitality.

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