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Essential Flow



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Experience the calming embrace of pure doTERRA Lavender essential oil, sourced from the fragrant fields of Lavandula angustifolia. Known for its versatile benefits, Lavender oil is a must-have in any natural wellness arsenal, providing comfort and tranquility for both body and mind.


  1. Calming Aromatherapy: Lavender oil's sweet, floral aroma promotes relaxation, making it a go-to choice for reducing stress and promoting restful sleep.

  2. Soothes Skin: Its gentle properties make Lavender oil a versatile addition to your skincare routine, helping to soothe irritations and promote a clear, healthy complexion.

  3. Eases Muscle Tension: Lavender oil's natural analgesic properties make it an excellent choice for massage, helping to alleviate muscle soreness and tension.

  4. Promotes Emotional Balance: The calming scent of Lavender oil helps to stabilize emotions, making it a valuable tool for managing anxiety and promoting mental clarity.

  5. Supports Respiratory Health: Lavender oil can provide respiratory support, helping to clear congestion and promote clear, easy breathing.


  1. Aromatherapy: Add a few drops to your diffuser to create a calming atmosphere, perfect for unwinding after a busy day.

  2. Topical Application: Dilute with a carrier oil and apply to the skin to soothe minor irritations and promote a clear complexion.

  3. Bath Soak: Add a few drops to a warm bath to create a spa-like experience and promote relaxation.

  4. Massage Therapy: Mix with a carrier oil and use for a soothing massage experience, focusing on areas of tension or sore muscles.

  5. DIY Products: Incorporate into your DIY skincare and haircare products for a natural and aromatic boost.

Experience the soothing power of doTERRA Lavender essential oil. Elevate your well-being and embrace a calmer, more peaceful you.

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